Life Science

Rapid Methods For Organism Identification

When your business needs answers quickly about the microbial quality of your raw materials and finished products, we can provide expertise in several rapid microbiology techniques for enumeration and identification. We utilize a variety of technology platforms to identify organisms based on associated biopolymers fingerprints or antigen/antibody reactions. These tools are applicable to a wide variety of raw material and finished product matrices. For low bioburden test materials, the can utilize semi-quantitative bioluminescence-based measures of ATP as indicators of the presence of microbial content. Regardless of whether you need to confirm that materials meet standards for release to manufacturing and the trade or to identify potential contaminants present in raw materials or finished products, ATL can provide the tools and expertise to inform critical business decisions.

To quantify and identify microbial organisms in your samples independent of the sample matrix, we use:

  • ELISA-based rapid tests
  • Celsis Microbial Detection