Product Performance Testing

Product Claims

We qualify new product claims and product positioning by confirming the technical efficacy and consumer relevance of regulated and non-regulated claims. Our capabilities include:

  • Aesthetic cleaning assessments, including visual soil removal, product residue assessments, discoloration and malodor reduction evaluations.
  • Physical material compatibility assessments, including tensile strength, wet strength and product absorbency.
  • Chemical analysis of delivered active levels, soil loads before and after product use, and cleanliness indicators such as ATP or TOC levels.
  • Development of simulants (simulated versions of urine, feces, menses, sebum and malodors) for assessing absorbency, cleaning and odor reduction.
  • Quantitative and qualitative biomarker analyses with particular focus on inflammation indicators.
  • Formulation development and efficacy testing for antimicrobial and hygiene claims.
    • Pre-submission assessments for FIFRA registrations – United States
    • Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) – Canada
    • Biocidal Products Directive – European Union