Product Performance Testing

Product Research & Development

Whether cleaning soils in the kitchen or helping to treat a debilitating medical condition, claims are the promise manufacturers make every time their products are chosen by consumers. Ensuring that products work effectively and that claims are supportable and defensible is critically important to making sure consumers recognize the value of the products they use.

ATL has the industry experience and technical capability to help establish that your products deliver the performance that is promised – whether via regulatory approval, registration or simply using good science and creative technical approaches to bring often invisible product performance benefits to life. We have multiple industry veterans on staff who have walked in your shoes and understand how to help balance your technical and business needs. Below are a few examples of how we can help address your claim support needs:

We help our clients articulate claims, confirm technical feasibility and generate data to optimize product performance. We can help you:

  • Evaluate techniques, devices or products for potential benefits.
  • Define methodology to confirm consumer-accepted concepts and claims.
  • Design and execute proof of concept.
  • Fine tune products to deliver desired performance.
  • Advise and contribute to final claims support package.
  • Provide insights and guidance throughout R&D process.