Product Safety & Regulatory

Human Safety

We lead the development of product clearance dossiers that make sure products are safe for humans and the environment.

  • Managing external suppliers and compiling formula constituent information for ingredient disclosures
  • Enabling seamless registration and product launch by mining hazard data, drafting data sheets and assembling product and ingredient documentation
  • Creating consumer exposure and market clearances by reviewing supplier documentation and safety data
    • Assist with placement of clinical studies
    • Prepare study reports – toxicology (acute & chronic), environmental fate & effects
    • Assess perfumes and other materials for sensitization potential
    • Prepare Poison Control Cards
  • Designing and implementing REACH registration dossier
    • Study placement and protocol development
    • Development of robust study summaries
    • IUCLID application expertise
  • Providing hazard communication guidance, including classification and labeling assessments