Scientific Sourcing

ATL is a recognized leader in creating innovative sourcing solutions across the entire product life cycle, from discovery through commercialization. Our services range from standard rules-based testing to operating and managing entire scientific functions.

Scientific budgets are shrinking, while regulatory, compliance and business pressures are accelerating. This has put a strain on operations, forcing scientists to do more with fewer resources in less time. Yet, science accepts no shortcuts. The challenge is an elusive search for the right organizational model for procuring scientific resources, today and into the future.

A better outsourcing strategy: Scientific Sourcing

To solve immediate AND long-term capabilities issues, we tailor a comprehensive solution that fits your organization. We can even run entire scientific functions while empowering you to rethink and optimize your scientific operations.

In the past, the experience, leadership, culture, methods and tools needed to do this weren’t available in our industry. We’ve alleviated those risks and created an entirely new approach—Scientific Sourcing.

This unique service offering integrates the complete spectrum of ATL capabilities, distilled into a targeted solution that delivers improved processing and business results. It’s more effective, more efficient and less risky than traditional contract models and contingent labor.

A new model for peak performance

We begin by listening to and learning your needs, challenges, strengths and goals. We look at your existing functions and your operational landscape. Then—based on research and best practices—we help you decide the appropriate resource model.

The Scientific Sourcing Spectrum is how we help you align the goals of science and business. Where do your scientific operations fit in the spectrum right now? Where would you like them to be? We can help you define your destination and plot a solution that drives you there.

Each solution is customized along three continuums:
Location: CS (Client Site) or ATL
Client Oversight: LM (Light Management) or GOV (Governance [Metrics, KPIs])
Complexity: RB (Rules Based) or MSF (Managing Entire Scientific Function)

Whether carrying out a single method or taking on the responsibility of an entire scientific function, we provide:

  • Necessary expertise and skills
  • Depth of knowledge and understanding
  • Experience in focused areas
  • Customized solutions
  • Flexibility

How we reduce outsourcing risk

Every situation is different; we work with you to look at which processes are critical enough to be kept in-house and which ones can be safely and effectively entrusted to ATL. This unique model produces consistent, predictable, high quality results—and the flexibility to scale and adapt.

9 ways ATL transforms sourcing from a cost-saving measure into a strategic asset for your company.

ATL transforms sourcing from a cost-savings measure into a strategic asset for your company. To create maximum value, we:

Co-create unique business solutions

  • Shared goals and collaboration
  • Industry-recognized depth of technical expertise
  • Broad perspective for better ideas unique to your specific priorities

Improve operational performance

  • Positive business outcomes
  • Entrepreneurial culture that delivers service more effectively and efficiently
  • Greater flexibility to scale while significantly lowering costs
  • Expertise and commitment to integrate into your way of doing things

Reduce typical outsourcing risks

  • Operational risks – possible slippages on quality, cost or speed
  • People risks – turnover and lack of cultural fit
  • Strategic risks – protection of intellectual property, security and privacy
  • Composite risks – losing ability to continue processes in-house due to loss of talent and operational knowledge
  • Co-employment risks – limiting hours or contract length to avoid benefits liability

Provide strategic talent focused on your success

  • Better recruiting, screening and hiring
  • Behavior-based recruitment to find the right fit
  • Commitment to training and development to fill clients’ critical talent gaps
  • Diverse staff with deep industry experience and expertise
  • Culture that is client obsessed

Offer contract-free pricing

  • 100% confidence in our approach and the value we deliver
  • Guarantee for our services without contracts
  • Working with us only as long as you’re satisfied with your results

Tame science and business complexity

  • High priority placed on change management
  • Solutions designed based on understanding of all stakeholder needs
  • R&D
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing & Product Supply
  • QA
  • Procurement

Assist in overcoming common objections to outsourcing

  • Reluctance to lose control and flexibility – our governance practices give clients more control over outsourced operations
  • Function is too critical to outsource – we have a track record of managing applied science, regulatory and engineering functions more effectively and efficiently
  • Possible negative reaction within client’s organization – our change management process guides you through the transition, and shows how sourcing can increase service levels
  • Client’s employee resistance – enhancing efficiency may changes job roles; our change process, proper communication and training can help employees adjust to the changing environment