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What We Do

And how we do it

Synergistic Approach

Client-focused. Relationship-centric. Accountable and committed. These are just some of the ways our clients describe us, and the reasons we’ve earned their trust and loyalty. Our synergistic approach and extensive resources offer clients:

  • The flexibility to fit specific needs and time frames
  • Cost efficient support to improve operational processes and productivity
  • Revolutionary concepts to elevate overall business success
  • Integrated designs that increase speed, certainty and impact
  • An in-depth scientific and regulatory understanding
  • Forward-thinking leadership dedicated to value-added scientific and organizational advancements

“We’ve built our reputation on our passion for helping companies achieve success through flexible solutions, rapid responses and proactive support”.

Facility for Every Need

Our Corporate Headquarters campus encompasses 6.5 acres with a 101,000 square feet of laboratory and office space. Within these walls, more than 250 technical and support staff work around the clock, 365 days a year, to deliver exceptional service to our clients. We have the laboratory capacity and equipment to be a single resource for all of your cGMP testing needs.

Convenient Courier Service

We have the courier services in place to transport samples from your site to our facility – safely, quickly and reliably. With our own courier fleet and relationships with a network of national carriers, our lab is within easy reach of anywhere in U.S. We have the capacity to deliver and protect the integrity of any kind of sample, especially those that are temperature or time-sensitive.

Our Services

Analytical Chemistry

If you’re bringing pharmaceutical, personal care, consumer good or medical device products to market, our guidance can help you navigate the regulatory and compendial guidelines.

Product Performance

Ensuring that claims are meaningful, supportable and defensible is critical to making sure your products' value is recognized.


We solve engineering issues by providing the right fit of technical resources. Our experienced engineers and technicians can support, run, or manage your analytic needs throughout the testing cycle.

Product Safety

Positioned to help your company with the assurance of product safety and regulatory compliance at all stages of the product life cycle.

Life Science

Detailed microbial and bioanalytical assessments, with expertise across pharmaceuticals, OTC, consumer healthcare, cosmetic/personal care, specialty chemical and medical device industries.

Quality Assurance

Oversight is critical to your success; we complete the picture by preventing and resolving any issues through audits, training and compliance management.

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