Why do people want to work here?

At ATL, we don’t just do the science, we have the opportunity to transform organizations. We need people who want to grow with us and contribute directly to our clients’ success. As scientific sourcing experts, the largest and most respected companies in the world ask us to create innovative solutions to big problems. We have more input and influence, so we can have a significant impact on brand-name products and visible projects. And you can play a bigger role.

What do you want to do?


Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Regulatory & Compliance


Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
Boston, Massachusetts
Cincinnati, Ohio
Indianapolis, Indiana
Kansas City, Kansas
Martinsburg, West Virgina
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Who do you want to work with?

Down to earth. Approachable. Entertaining. Absolutely passionate about what we do. That sums up our unique culture and our team. Great people who want to achieve great things.

Where do you want to go?

You have passion, initiative, and exceptional talent. We have a world of growth opportunities. There’s no telling where your ATL career could take you.


In 20 years at ATL, Elizabeth Horton went from cleaning glassware and washing hair to Executive Vice President. Her success hinged on one simple thing: she didn’t wait for opportunities, she pushed for them. She did whatever was needed at the time and she never said “no.”


Technical career track | People management career track

ATL is a springboard for your professional future, not a quick career stop. We prefer to promote from within, so part of every manager’s job is to identify and grow talent within their group. Whatever path you want to pursue, whichever challenges you want to tackle, we have a plan.