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Insourcing- Engineering
We bring our expertise onsite, to your science.

ATL’s Engineer Insourcing staffing solution is designed specifically for the Pharma and Medical Device industries.   We bring our expert engineers and physical test technicians to you, to perform your testing onsite at your lab.    

Wherever you are in your product development lifecycle, ATL has a support specialist to assist with your testing.   

ATL’s Engineers and testing support specialists bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your laboratory or R&D environment.   Our managed staffing solution allows you to continue to perform your science at your laboratory.   If you are struggling to fill important science roles or simply want to improve your laboratories or R&D functions quality, ATL’s insourced Engineering associates can be your solution.    

Our focus is on efficiently handling routine scientific tasks, allowing your experts to concentrate on their research and innovation. Through our comprehensive approach to staff management, we take care of the complexities, enabling your scientific team to fully engage in their innovative research and groundbreaking work. 

Examples of Engineering and Physical testing support roles ATL currently insources: 

  • Engineers- multiple disciplines 
  • Mechanical test specialists 
  • Calibration specialists 
  • CT testing specialists 
  • Tissue technicians 
  • Metrology specialists 
  • Cleaning and sterilization specialists 
  • Materials analysis specialists 
  • Quality assurance specialists 
  • Documentation and Change management specialists 

ATL currently insources 100s of associates across the US.   Don’t see your need on the list?  No problem, give us a call and we can explore your need further and provide a more exhaustive list.   If you have a managed staffing need in the science space, we’ve got an associate for you.   

Whatever your need, ATL will not only find the right expert, but we will also manage them as our own associate, throughout the totality of your relationship with ATL.  

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