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Product Performance Testing

Outsourced Testing- Product Performance Testing

At ATL, a Bureau Veritas Company, we conduct rigorous
performance tests in order to substantiate and validate product claims. Testing can involve regulatory approval, registration and creative technical approaches, depending on the product and the claim. With several industry veterans on staff, we understand how to help clients balance often-opposing technical and business needs.

Product Claims

We qualify new product claims and product positioning by confirming the technical efficacy and consumer relevance of regulated and non-regulated claims. Our capabilities in product performance testing are extensive and effective. Our capabilities involve everything from product residue assessments, discoloration and malodor reduction evaluations to compatibility assessments, like tensile strength and product absorbency. 

Product Research & Development

ATL has the industry experience and technical capability to determine whether products deliver the performance that’s promised. We are equipped with the tools and resources to define methodology to confirm consumer-accepted concepts and claims.    

We help clients articulate claims, confirm technical feasibility and generate data to optimize product performance. We evaluate techniques, devices and products for potential benefits and design and execute proof of concept.

Through our collaborative approach, we help clients fine tune products to deliver the desired performance, advise and contribute to the final claims support packaging and provide insight and guidance throughout the entire research and development process. 

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