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What We Do

What is Scientific Sourcing?

It’s the specialized, partnered management of critical scientific processes.

Our services go beyond traditional laboratory models, contingent labor or staffing for rules-based assays. We operate and manage entire day-to-day scientific functions, supporting the complete product development cycle. This model produces consistent, predictable, high quality results – and the flexibility to scale operations.

Scientific sourcing elevates your capabilities so you can:

  • Innovate faster and take new solutions to market
  • Stretch beyond current capabilities
  • Concentrate internal resources on core functions and strategic initiatives
  • Better control project delivery dates
  • Have more flexibility to meet changing business conditions and priorities

Through continuous strategic change, we help you transform existing ways of doing business into innovative business processes.

A Facility for Every Need

Growing to meet the needs of our clients has been a consistent theme throughout our history. After 30 years and eight expansions, our campus contains more than 100,000 square feet of corporate laboratory space. Within these walls, more than 300 technical and support staff work around the clock, 365 days a year, to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

These numbers show that we can manage projects of any size and any scope.

Our extensive laboratory capacity is equipped with the highest level of instrument technology and resources. We have the equipment and expertise to be a single resource for all of your GMP testing needs, with LIMS, strict quality procedures and a centralized billing system.

We will continue to grow to provide the most innovative, cost-effective and timely scientific solutions possible.

Convenient Courier Services

We have the courier services in place to transport samples from your site to our facility – safely, quickly and reliably. With our own courier fleet and relationships with a network of national carriers, our lab is within easy reach of anywhere in U.S. We have the capacity to deliver and protect the integrity of any kind of sample, especially those that are temperature or time-sensitive.