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Insourced Staffing

What is Insourcing?
We bring our expertise onsite, to your science.

ATL’s Insourcing staffing solution is designed specifically for the science industry.   ATL is the market leader in managed staffing solutions for the Consumer Goods, Pharma and Medical Device industries.   

ATL’s Insourcing solution finds you the right talent for the right project.  Need an Engineer to help jumpstart a design project?   Need a manufacturing laboratory chemist to improve your quality metrics?  Or maybe you’re struggling to find a great microbiologist to fulfill your water testing.     

Whatever your need, ATL will not only find the right expert, but we will also manage them as our own associate, throughout the totality of your relationship with ATL.  

Our focus is on efficiently handling routine scientific tasks, allowing your experts to concentrate on their research and innovation. Through our comprehensive approach to staff management, we take care of the complexities, enabling your scientific team to fully engage in their innovative research and groundbreaking work.

Experience the freedom to innovate without the burden of staffing concerns, as our managed solution provides essential support that propels your organization toward new horizons in scientific exploration.  

Why Choose ATL for your managed staffing needs…

Deep Technical Knowledge & Experience 

ATL is not a staffing company, we are a scientific sourcing organization. We offer all the capabilities of global staffing agencies plus more.  


Nationwide Recruiting Reach 

Our Talent Acquisition Team has decades of experience recruiting for specialized roles across North America.  


Strategic Talent Dedicated to our Client’s Success

ATL selects, trains, communicates and cares for our associates with the primary goal of creating an exceptional service experience for you. 

Engaged Work Force 

We do not stop with selecting and training qualified staff. An engaged workforce is key to your success. At ATL, associate engagement is built around the following concept:   

“The extent to which you genuinely care for your people, is the extent to which they will care for our clients – and each other.” 


Flexible Resources 

We have invested in developing the capacity to flow associates from our corporate headquarters to external client sites.  


Transition Expertise 

Our well-designed Transition Plans have been tested and proven to be successful. We have extensive experience assuming responsibilities from other vendors as well as transitioning operations from a client site to our internal laboratories.  

If you are ready to start working with ATL…