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Product Safety & Regulatory

Outsourced Testing- Product Safety & Regulatory

ATL, a Bureau Veritas Company, is uniquely positioned to help clients meet the most important customer commitment – the assurance of product safety and regulatory compliance at all stages of the product life cycle.

We have extensive experience integrating with clients’ existing systems and processes for safety and compliance assessments that cover raw material sourcing, formulation qualification, manufacturing, consumer use, and disposal.

Environmental Regulations

We conduct various tests to determine if the physical, chemical and microbiological properties of various consumer products are toxic to or bio-accumulate in humans and the environment. Our analyses include assessments of the effects of raw materials and finished products for biodegradability, disintegration and settle-ability, and flushability.

Human Safety

We lead the development of product clearance dossiers to ensure products are safe for humans and the environment. Part of that process involves managing external suppliers and compiling formula constituent information for ingredient disclosures.

We mine hazard data, draft data sheets, assemble product and ingredient documentation and review supplier documentation and safety data for clearance. Additionally, we design and implement REACH registration dossier and provide communications guidance, including classification and labeling assessments.

Regulatory Affairs

We develop and implement registration and compliance strategies for the global marketing of products by creating regulatory documentation assessments that enable unrestricted global product marketing. We compile safety and regulatory information from multiple public and private resources, develop safety data sheets, and prepare product and compliance information files.

Additionally, we review for all imports into the U.S., assess potential restrictions for raw material usage, and coordinate international registrations to allow U.S.-manufactured products to be sold around the world. With accuracy and precision, we help clients reduce business risk, improve speed to market, and execute clearances and registrations at federal, state, and international levels.

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