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“We collaborate with clients across the entire product life cycle, from discovery through commercialization, ranging from standard rules-based testing to operating and managing entire scientific functions.”

Advanced Testing Laboratory (ATL), a Bureau Veritas Company, is a leader in scientific sourcing solutions that provides full-service Insourcing Managed Staffing Services and Outsourced testing services.

ATL is proud to partner with multiple leading consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and medical device organizations. ​

ATL’s services span the entire product life cycle, from research and development to substance and product qualification to manufacturing. We help clients navigate complex and ever-changing situations, from managing entire laboratories to supplementing in-house capabilities through outsource testing support.​

  • Insourcing: ATL’s Insourcing staffing solution is designed specifically for the science industry. Our focus is on efficiently handling routine scientific tasks, allowing your experts to concentrate on their research and innovation. Through our comprehensive approach to staff management, we take care of the complexities, enabling your scientific team to fully engage in their innovative research and groundbreaking work.  By utilizing our expertise in scientific staffing, you enable your experts to dedicate their time and skills to advancing scientific knowledge.  
  • Analytical Chemistry:  If you’re bringing pharmaceutical, personal care, consumer good or medical device products to market, our guidance can help you navigate the regulatory and compendial guidelines. 
  • Engineering: Our experienced engineers and technicians can support, run, or manage your analytic needs throughout the testing cycle. 
  • Life Science: Detailed microbial and bioanalytical assessments, with expertise across pharmaceuticals, OTC, consumer healthcare, cosmetic/personal care, specialty chemical and medical device industries. 
  • Product Performance: Ensuring that claims are meaningful and defensible is critical to making sure your products’ value is recognized. 
  • Product Safety: Positioned to help your company with the assurance of product safety and regulatory compliance at all stages of the product life cycle. 
  • Quality Assurance: Oversight is critical to your success; we complete the picture by preventing and resolving any issues through audits, training and compliance management. 

Decades of industry experience:​

  • Consumer Products​
  • Pharmaceuticals​
  • Medical Devices


ATL is founded and led by scientists. For 30 years, we’ve exceeded the highest expectations of the world’s most demanding customers, including several Fortune 50 companies and leading research firms.

Bureau Veritas Acquires Advanced Testing Laboratory 

Bureau Veritas announced the acquisition of ATL, a leader in scientific sourcing services for the North American Consumer Healthcare Products, Cosmetics & Personal Care and Medical Device markets. Learn more


Global Leader 30+ Years

ATL was founded by Greg Neal in 1987 in his garage. Over the next 15 years, ATL relocated their offices three times to accommodate continued growth. Today, ATL is a global leader with more than 30 years of experience and knowledge that employs approximately 450 associates across six states. Headquartered in Cincinnati OH, our 6.5-acre campus includes 101,000 sq. ft. building with laboratory and office space that offers clients a variety of service options with the flexibility to scale operations as needed.

Safety. Sustainability. Compliance.

At ATL, A Bureau Veritas Company, our commitment to your business success goes beyond mere testing or processes. It’s an outlook of stewardship that drives us to take a personal stake in the safety, sustainability and compliance of everything we help develop. Our collaborative process starts with listening. Only by understanding what you truly need can we co-create and integrate better methods so you can enjoy game-changing outcomes. With exceptional service and deep knowledge, we help elevate your capabilities. 

People. Process. Insights.

We employ a pool of diverse individuals from complex scientific and performance testing roles to technical management and operational execution positions. Our wide-range of talent allows us to quickly and efficiently help you maintain business continuity. Whether you need to fill gaps during unforeseen absences; train new employees for quality compliance; transition operations; hire staff; or validate equipment and instruments, ATL, A Bureau Veritas Company, will make it happen. We provide the right people, a flexible process and powerful insights to companies whose businesses rely on bringing products to market quickly and safely, every time.

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We are down to earth, bringing pharmaceutical, personal care, consumer good or medical device products to market, our guidance can help you navigate the regulatory and compendial guidelines.

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