A Seamless Expansion of Services

Adoption Oversight of a Consumer Products Lab

Case Study

A global consumer products client was unhappy with their current supplier. This supplier was unable to consistently meet service demands for timing and quality. Based on past experience and success, ATL was asked to evaluate and recommend new service standards. The client’s measure of success: to deliver service that was operational 7 days a week; on time; within quality parameters; without interrupting the current flow of production.


With less than two weeks to work with the exiting provider, ATL was assigned complete oversight of the facility. This included responsibility for a complete laboratory operation—testing; equipment maintenance and calibration; waste removal; audit readiness and compliance; hiring and training. Our world-class Talent Acquisition team hired 70% of the associates with appropriately-matched talent to meet our standards of quality and service.


With less than two weeks to make it happen, the transition to ATL was seamless. By collaborating with our client at every stage of the changeover, we were able to streamline the process and implement a Business Continuity Plan for future equipment, facility, and personnel issues. The following results were achieved:

  • Zero misses on production schedules during the transition
  • Met all quality parameters, ongoing production schedules and released requirements on time
  • Reduced overall labor costs by introducing a more dynamic testing process and a cross-flow of resources
  • Developed KPI’s to assess and achieve business objectives and maintain a stable and streamlined operation

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