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Fast Growth Calls for a Fresh Look

Streamlining Pharmaceutical R&D Operations

Case Study

Due to rapid growth, a multinational pharmaceutical company was looking to improve efficiency and eliminate layers of redundancy within their R&D operations. ATL was asked to analyze their current R&D functions and overall technical capabilities including quantitative biology, cell culture, and capability dedicated labs. The pharmaceutical company needed help identifying ways to cut costs, improve efficiency and streamline processes — without sacrificing the service and production standards their internal team had come to expect.


ATL took the time to become familiar with and understand the company’s entire R&D operation from their people and systems to their requirements and expectations. As a result, we quickly identified several opportunities. Alongside key stakeholders, we planned and implemented changes that consolidated redundant functions and streamlined processes. We also created a dynamic cross-functional lab platform to support the client’s testing needs across multiple departments and improve their technological capabilities.


Our proactive approach and sincere desire to help enabled our client to:

  • Secure immediate cost savings of $1.3 million 
  • Avoid annual labor and training costs of $480,000
  • Realize a 17% increase in methods / assays
  • Achieve a 30% reduction in equipment validation timing and a 35% reduction in overall capital expenditures

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