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Rethink Scientific Sourcing Strategy

Using Co-Creation to Free Resources for Product Development

Case Study

A leading global consumer products company asked ATL to collaborate with them on how to build and strengthen their innovation pipeline. In order to do this, we evaluated their current business demands, resource allocations and short-term efforts. Working closely with company leaders, we discovered the need to shift from a narrow focus on compliance and data to a more comprehensive, long-term vision that incorporated innovative R&D strategies.


Through a series of collective brainstorming sessions including a capabilities analysis and in-depth needs assessment, ATL designed a solution to reduce costs, streamline operations, reallocate company resources, and ensure the quality and integrity of the science remained intact. As a result, the company implemented our solution and relocated a majority of their data generated processes, more than 20,000 samples and data points, from their facility to ATL’s corporate laboratory.


By partnering with ATL, this global organization was able to:

  • Utilize ATL’s laboratory space and associates to execute their compliance and data responsibilities and safeguard the on-time, quality parameters critical to their business continuity
  • Reallocate the time and energy saved on revenue-generating innovation and capitalize on getting to market faster
  • Lower their overhead and facility costs

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