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Life Sciences

Outsourced Testing- Life Sciences

At ATL, a Bureau Veritas Company, we provide complete and detailed microbial and bioanalytical assessments across pharmaceutical, OTC, consumer healthcare, cosmetic and personal care, specialty chemical and medical device industries.  Our capabilities and expertise span from traditional culture based microbiological methods to indicators of health and wellness.  

ATL specializes in all compendial USP methodologies including USP 51, 60/61, and 62. 

Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing
We collaborate in the development and practical efficacy confirmation phases of antimicrobial product developmentOur technical expertise supports all pre-registration work for hard surface, laundry, aircare and dishcare products under a variety of regulatory agencies. 

Bioburden Testing and Rapid Methods 
We employ a wide range of methods to detect microbial contamination of raw materials, finished products, and environmental samples for product release and shipment. Additionally, we confirm that materials meet standards for release by identifying any potential contaminants that are present.

We provide bead-based assays and diagnostic applications to study protein and nucleic acid endpoints. Additionally, we develop customized kits and optimize cell-based assays for test systems that closely mimic real life. 

Pathogen Testing
We conduct pathogen detection analyses using traditional microbiological methods and perform method development to meet specific needs. Additionally, we’re equipped with the tools and expertise to identify and quantify commonly requested pathogens and various product and environment-specific objectionable microbes. 

Preservative Efficacy Testing
Our testing plays an important role in protecting raw materials and finished products from performance, safety and aesthetic issues. We support everything from early stage R&D samples to finished product samples. 

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