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Boost capacity. Amplify capabilities. Accelerate speed to market.

Leverage ATL to amplify your internal scientific capacity and capability

ATL is a leading provider of scientific sourcing solutions to consumer goods, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We help you realize your vision for future products. With a flexible suite of services and specialized expertise at the ready, ATL helps you scale up efficiently and effectively. We collaborate across the entire product life cycle. We amplifying your team with the capability you need – when you need it, where you need it. We help you do more with less and do it with confidence.

Our Services

Analytical Chemistry

If you’re bringing pharmaceutical, personal care, consumer good or medical device products to market, our guidance can help you navigate the regulatory and compendial guidelines.

Product Performance

Ensuring that claims are meaningful, supportable and defensible is critical to making sure your products’ value is recognized.


We solve engineering issues by providing the right fit of technical resources. Our experienced engineers and technicians can support, run, or manage your analytic needs throughout the testing cycle.

Product Safety

Positioned to help your company with the assurance of product safety and regulatory compliance at all stages of the product life cycle.

Life Science

Detailed microbial and bioanalytical assessments, with expertise across pharmaceuticals, OTC, consumer healthcare, cosmetic/personal care, specialty chemical and medical device industries.

Quality Assurance

Oversight is critical to your success; we complete the picture by preventing and resolving any issues through audits, training and compliance management.

Science that Drives Results

Our commitment to your business success goes beyond testing and processes.

  • We help clients reach their strategic goals by providing robust, innovative solutions. Our collaborative process starts by listening. We work to optimize methods for efficiency and productivity.
  • We enable clients with the capability needed to protect continuity of business, and produce consistent, predictable, high-quality results.
  • We provide stewardship for the entire project and across the entire product life-cycle. We look at safety, sustainability and compliance.

One Stop Comprehensive Sourcing Solutions

At ATL, we have the expert team and advanced facilities in place and dialed-in to provide any combination of on-site and off-site solutions.

We offer a full range of support services:

  • Assistance managing an entire lab
  • Solutions to supplement in-house capabilities
  • Solutions to protect the continuity of your business with consistent, predictable, high-quality results.

“We’re unified in science, driven by partnership and strengthened by service.”

Put Our Experts to Work

ATL has the right mix of highly qualified people to help you manage functions efficiently while maintaining business continuity. We provide the right people, rigorous processes and powerful insights to companies whose businesses rely on bringing products to market quickly and safely, every time.

  • Fill gaps during unforeseen absences;
  • Train new employees for quality compliance;
  • Transition operations;
  • Hire scientists and R&D staff; or
  • Validate equipment and instruments