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Continuing ATL’s practice of providing workplace safety and health training for all associates, this month employees received hands-on fire safety training.

“Having our associates practice putting out a real fire provides them with a heightened sense of awareness and preparation,” said Jim Kain, Senior Vice President of Operations at ATL.

The safety of associates and clients has been vital to the success of ATL. As a result, ATL continues to offer and develop specialized workplace safety and health training that is specialized, relevant, high-quality and interactive.

“Our continued efforts to deliver exceptional service to our clients starts by making sure our employees understand and follow all processes and procedures,” adds Kain. “By utilizing best practices in all facets of our business we are able to help clients improve efficiency, reduce risks and achieve their strategic goals.”

With 30 years of experience and a national presence, ATL provides in-sourced and outsourced scientific functions for the consumer goods, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Working in partnership with clients, ATL facilitates the critical scientific process management that supports central business strategies.

With approximately 450 employees in seven states, we collaborate with clients across the entire product life cycle, from discovery through commercialization, ranging from standard rules-based testing to operating and managing entire scientific functions. Through our expertise, insight and resourcefulness, we help clients reach their strategic goals by providing flexible, innovative solutions. As a result, our clients are able to elevate their existing proficiencies, protect the critical continuity of business, and produce consistent, predictable, high-quality results.