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June is National Safety Month! To help recognize and reinforce the importance of practicing safe behaviors in everything we do at ATL, our associates have shared what safety means to them.

“Safety is being aware of your surroundings and interacting in a controlled and responsible manner. It’s recognizing risks and threats, and thinking twice before acting. It’s making sure that you, and those around you, go home in one piece.” ~ Paris R., Data Compliance Technician

“Safety is a team effort in which each and every person is responsible to work without causing injury to others and oneself.” ~ Jaya T., Chemical Safety Specialist

“Safety is of the utmost importance in our industry. It warrants a very conscious effort to adhere to standards setup to assure a safe work environment. In addition, one must always be conscious of their surroundings and follow all safety policies and procedures. These efforts must be practiced on a daily basis to ensure the safety of everyone.” ~ Ron C., Sensory/Cell Biologist

“Safety means doing what you can to ensure that your family, friends and coworkers can continue to rely on you to fulfill your role.” ~ Audrae R., Calibration Technician

“Safety means complying with company-established safety standards and procedures that drive a safe, hazard-free, and healthy workplace. It provides a good feeling coming to work every day! ~ Eileen H., Energy Change Specialist

“To me, safety means that at the end of the day I go home with all my digits and no extra piercings.”  ~ Randy R., Lab Technician

“Safety means being aware of my surroundings no matter what environment I’m in so I can catch potential problems before they become injuries. Constant vigilance is necessary in order to have and to cultivate a safe culture in the workplace and at home where safety is second nature for everyone.” ~ Leslie M., RDL Development Floor Coordinator